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Flashlight Reviews

Our goal is to review every flashlight that comes out. Our reviews will be on all different flashlights from EDC to weapon lights to tactical flashlight reviews. Please take the time to look through our reviews. This page is mainly a list or archive of all of our individual flashlight reviews. Reviews range from in-depth hands on reviews to opinion/curated reviews that cover the specs and opinions of other users. If you are interested in writing reviews for besttacticalflashlights.net please go to the contact page and get in touch. You can also find a brief history of each manufacturer by clicking on the manufacturer name.

Flashlight Reviews by Manufacturer

Acebeam Flashlights

Fenix Flashlights

Nitecore Flashlights

Olight Flashlights

Streamlight Flashlights

SureFire Flashlights

Thrunite Flashlights

Coast Flashlights

Random Flashlights

Maglite Flashlights

Pelican Flashlights

FourSevens Flashlights

Flashlight Brand Vs Faceoffs

It is common that we get the question “Which is better, brand A or brand B”. This is a hard question to answer and really each flashlight brand has good and bad things about it. The goal should be to find the flashlight that fits your needs the best when considering budget, durability, and features. This section is intended to give you a head to head comparison of the brands and the top flashlight rivalries in those brands.

Nitecore Vs Fenix

Streamlight Vs Surefire

If you still are not sure which flashlight you want please check out our best flashlight buyers guides that are based on different features like battery type, the use, or the size.

Thank you for your time.