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Pelican Flashlights

History of Pelican Flashlights

The Pelican company started in 1976 when Founder Dave Parker who had been a Scuba diver since age 11 decided he was dissatisfied.  He wanted to create flashlights and cases that would not fail under the harsh conditions of Scuba diving.  After years of research and development they received their first patent.  Shortly thereafter they released the first of many pelican flashlights, the SabreLite flashlights and also the Protector Cases.

Since then Pelican flashlights and cases have been in high demand in the world of Scuba diving.  After years of success Pelican was acquired by the private equity firm Behrman Capital in 2004.  In 2005 a new CEO as put into place who has taken the company global.  In 2008 they began their aggressive growth strategy by taking Pelican products international.  They opened sales offices and manufacturing facilities in Germany, and the U.K..  They purchased their biggest competitor in the case industry which nearly doubled their size.

Pelican really gained popularity outside of the Scuba world when they teamed up with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 2007 to produce the Pelican 7060.  The special thing about this new flashlight was the dual switch for turning the flashlight on and off.  There is a switch on the side and a push button on the bottom.  Other special features are the light weight Xenoy plastic, and the fact that it is rechargeable.  This flashlight was very well received by both the law enforcement community and the flashlight enthusiast community.  They have since come out with the Pelican 8060 which is bigger and could definitely be used in a self-defense situation.

Pelican flashlights are some of the best tactical flashlights in the world. These lights are well built and are designed to banged up and used underwater.  If you are looking for the top tactical flashlight Pelican should be on your shortlist of possible manufacturers.

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