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Best Tactical Gear 2024

Looking For The Best Tactical Gear?

We have an obvious focus on tactical flashlights but we like everything tactical and survival related. You need more than just a flashlight in a tactical or survival situation. We thought that we would give you some of our impressions on other tactical gear. Check out our “Best Of” articles on tactical gear.

What Makes Good Tactical Equipment?

Tactical gear is designed to withstand the beating of a warfare situation. If your life is on the line you need equipment that will go where you go and will not hold you back. The best tactical gear is easy to use, is very durable, can be relied on, and has many uses. In a survival or combat situation you need to be careful about every item that you carry since it is either helping you or weighing you down.

Is The Gear Easy To Use?

You do not want to have to think about how to use your gear. If after hours and hours of training you are still finding yourself confused about what a certain dial on your watch means, or if the knife just keeps slipping out of your hand, or you are constantly frustrated about the way that your backpack opens then the gear is not easy to use. Most quality manufacturers test their products continually since they know that ease of use and overall ergonomics is very important.

Is The Gear Durable? Can I Rely On It?

If you are a prepper or somebody that is actually going to war you do not want to be stuck with a ripped pair of pants or a vest that has broken buckle. The problem with shopping by price is that often times  you get what you pay for. And, you might not like what you paid for when you are face to face with and attacker. Even you if you are not in such an extreme situation you want your money to be put into gear that will last a life time. Certain materials last longer than others and different stitching techniques hold significantly better than others. Focus on quality not just price, you will thank us for it.

Is My Equipment Only Good For One Thing?

There is something to be said for something built for one purpose and it doing an amazing job at it, but in survival situations you need every tool that you can get your hands on. With modern technology and materials even things like gloves can become good multi-taskers. In general if the equipment does not make you a better fighter or survivor you should not have it with you.

The Best Of Tactical Gear

Best Tactical Knife

 best tactical knife

Some feel that tactical knifes are for fighting while others believe that a tactical knife should be the ultimate multi-purpose knife. Here we will talk about both. We do not have a buyers guide on this yet but we may get around to it.


Best Tactical Backpack

 best tactical backpack

A great tactical backpack will be indestructible and be able to carry everything that you need. There are many different types of backpacks but most come with some sort of organizational system like Molle.


Best Tactical Boots

 best tactical boots

Tactical boots are designed to be worn all day and give you the ability to perform to the best of your abilities. They are great for any police, firefighter, or other tactical professions. Tactical boots are also very well suited for hiking, hunting, or camping.


Best Tactical Watch

 best tactical watch

A tactical watch is a watch that you can rely on in a tactical situation. When you heart is racing and your adrenaline is pumping you need to be able to access the information on your watch quickly and without any problems. Of course it must be durable and waterproof but it also needs to easily read.

Best Tactical Vest

 best tactical vest

A tactical vest is a vest worn by anybody in a combat environment that has the ability to resist bullets. Usually these vests also play a vital role in equipment organization.

Best Tactical Gloves

 best tactical gloves

The goal of a tactical glove is to give as much protection as possible without slowing you down or taking away from your sense of touch. There are many different types of tactical gloves, all with specific different uses. Come see our list of top tactical gloves.


Best Tactical Pen

 best tactical pen

A tactical pen is a pen that is designed to be used as a weapon in an extreme situation. With proper training a pen that is designed for fighting could almost be as deadly as a knife. The added benefit to tactical pens is that you can take a pen anywhere.


Best Tactical Pants

 best tactical pants

Tactical pants are the tough and burly brother to the cargo pant. These are designed to survive a tactical situation and to help you carry your equipment. Usually highly reinforced and providing many loops for connecting equipment.


I really hope that you were able to find an article that could help you make a decision on a piece of tactical equipment. We want to be a key resource in you search for the perfect gear. Please if you haven’t had a chance check out our flashlight articles and our comparison guides get over there right now. If there is a piece of equipment that we have not yet reviewed please let us know. Thanks for visiting and thanks for making us such an important part of your search for the best tactical gear.