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Surefire X300 Ultra Review

SureFire X300 Ultra Summary

If you are looking for a sturdy and dependable mounted light then read this SureFire X300 Ultra Review and find that it is an ideal choice. The SureFire X300 Ultra has been said to be virtually indestructible, which is something that most people are looking for with a weapon mounted light. After all, mounted weapon lights are going to see a lot more use than a light sitting around the home, plus they are exposed to various weather conditions. With a mounted weapon light you not only want something that will last, you also want something that is going to get the job done as efficiently as possible, which is exactly what the X300 Ultra offers you. So, keeping this in mind please continue reading our detailed review of the SureFire X300 Ultra.

  • Weight: 4 oz. with batteries
  • Dimensions: 3.6 inches long and 1.13 inch diameter
  • Lumen Output: 500 lumens for 1.5 hours

X300 Surefire Ultra

SureFire X300 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with Rail-Lock Mount, Black


When it comes to the best brands in the flashlight industry, SureFire definitely makes it at the top of the list. Time and time again when you are searching for the best flashlights you are going to come across various SureFire products. This company is well known for making high quality products that you can bet your life on, which is rather reassuring to know since we are talking about a weapon mounted light with the X300 Ultra.

Flashlight Features

  • Attaches to both Picatinny and Universal accessory rails allowing it to be used on handguns and long guns alike.
  • The Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens gives you a smooth and tight beam, but also provides enough surrounding light in close quarters so as not to affect your peripheral vision.
  • The LED is considered high performance, but is a special off-white light that produces a light that is in the yellowish-green spectrum for optimal vision.
  • Uses two CR123A batteries to produce 500 lumens. Batteries will last for 1.5 hours and come with the light.
  • Features an ambidextrous switch that requires only a single finger to be used to power the light on or off, including momentary on.
  • SureFire X300 Ultra is 100% weather proof as it is O-ring and gasket sealed.
  • Mounted light is made from Mil-Spec anodized aerospace grade aluminum to make it virtually indestructible.

The SureFire X300 Ultra has more than earned its spot in our Best Pistol Light article, where we determined it was the overall best handgun light. The SureFire X300 Ultra is an amazing improvement of the SureFire X300. The X300 Ultra is brighter than the X300 as it now has an output of 500 lumens, which allows you to easily see 100 feet ahead. When you pair the higher lumens with SureFire’s quality you really can’t find a better pistol light on the market. To make things even better the X300 Ultra high performance LED is regulated to give you the best output and runtime for each set of batteries.

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How It Works

 surefire x300 ultra mounted

  As with any kind of flashlight, in order for the SureFire X300 Ultra to work it will need batteries. The X300 Ultra requires two CR123A batteries in order to work. The SureFire X300 Ultra actually comes with two CR123A batteries to get you started; all you have to do is install them. The batteries when installed will need to be installed side by side rather than in line like other weapon mounted lights. When using disposable CR123A batteries you will always need to keep fresh batteries on hand and in order to not void your light’s warranty you will need to use SureFire brand batteries or Duracell, Panasonic, or Energizer.

The UI

One of the greatest things about the SureFire X300 Ultra is how easy it is to use once you have it mounted on your handgun or long gun. Using the light can be done with either your right or left hand thanks to the ambidextrous switch. In the X300 Ultra the switch is now wider and shorter than it was before which makes it even easier to use, as well as more comfortable. The switch is located at the rear of the body of the light and can easily be activated with a single finger. To turn the light on momentarily simply flip the switch to either side. To turn the light on and leave it on, flip the switch either up or down. The SureFire X300 Ultra can also be activated remotely with an optional XT tape switch for long guns that is pressure activated or a DG grip switch for handguns.


To be perfectly honest with you, we have to say that we really like the SureFire X300 Ultra. In fact, we can say that it is the best weapon mounted light available to purchase today. We like this light so much that we chose it as the overall winner when it comes to weapon mounted lights. One feature that many people like is the fact that thanks to its new and improved T-slot mounting system it can be securely attached to long guns, as well as handguns. You can even purchase adapter mounts if you have a non-railed handgun.

And we have to say that we are not the only ones who feel that this light is one of the best available, as we read through several different reviews in order to put together this comprehensive review for you. In everything that we read people who have purchased the light simply love it. The high-performance LED ensures that the light is bright enough to work outside in the dark, plus the beam is strong enough to illuminate at least 100 feet ahead. The LED also produces a regulated amount of light, so it can be used in both close and long range situations. Even better is that the SureFire X300 Ultra lives up to the SureFire name in terms of quality as it is practically indestructible.

 surefire x300 ultra guns

While we still stand behind our opinion that SureFire flashlights are some of the best on the market, that doesn’t mean they are 100% perfect. With the SureFire X300 Ultra there are three things that you need to take note of. The first thing is the price. Many people consider the X300 Ultra to be a bit pricey for a weapon mounted flashlight, but you do have to remember that you get what you pay for. Another problem users report is the width of the mounted light due to the side by side battery installation. This type of installation makes the light wider so holstering the weapon with the light attached can be a bit of a challenge. Only solution in that case is to purchase a different holster.

Some people find that the 500 lumens can be a bit too bright, especially if you are using the light in a closed room. The light is certainly bright enough to light up an entire room, but several users report the light is bright enough to blind the user or anybody else in the room. The 500 lumens also cause a heating problem, as many users report that the light can get very hot very fast. The only other downfall to this weapon mounted light is that it is not laser equipped, but SureFire solved that issue when they came out with the X400 Ultra as it is equipped with a red or green laser.

Final Thoughts

The SureFire X300 Ultra definitely lives up to the name that SureFire has created for itself. It is one of the highest quality weapon mounted lights that you can find. The body of the light is coated with a Mil-Spec anodized coating and is made from high strength aerospace aluminum that makes it practically indestructible. The LED features a TIR lens that provides users with a superior beam that is ideal for both close and long range encounters. The light can be mounted on handguns and long guns, as well as guns that do not come equipped with rails. All of these features come together to make the X300 Ultra one of the best selling weapon mounted lights on the market. We know you may be in the market for other types of flashlights, so please look at our flashlight review page for more.

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