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Foursevens Flashlights

History of Foursevens Flashlights

Foursevens flashlights started out at an online shop that sold all different types of flashlights. After many reviews and seeing a countless number of flashlights they started their own flashlight brand. Foursevens LLC (4sevens) was founded in 2008. The founders were not satisfied with the products that were available in the high-performance LED flashlight field so they entered the market to establish a new norm. Their desire to make the best flashlight in the market has let to many technological innovations. Some of their many innovations includes their headlamp system that fits one of their smaller flashlights and the ability to expand lights with larger battery tubes. From using the newest and brightest LED technology, creating smarter user interfaces or making high end performance flashlights more affordable.

Foursevens Flashlight Model Summary

Foursevens has 7 different models of lights.

Foursevens Atom AL - Foursevens Flashlights

Foursevens Atom

These flashlights are designed to be the ultimate everyday carry (EDC) flashlight.  They are almost all under 2 inches in length with magnetic bases and are designed to be put on a keychain. Lastly, most of these lights are made to work with their special 360 headlamp.


Foursevens Mini ML - Foursevens FlashlightsFoursevens Mini

The mini is designed to be an EDC flashlight that is simpler than the tactical flashlight sold by Foursevens. These flashlights are not programmable and only have one setting. Possibly the perfect light to just grab and use. Some of the smaller models are even designed to mimic the size of a shotgun shell so they will fit perfectly in a vest or shoulder strap.


Foursevens Preon 2 - Foursevens FlashlightsFoursevens Preon

This series of Foursevens flashlights is the companies line-up of AAA battery lights. All of these lights are very thin and easy to carry yet still packing high lumen outputs. Perfect as an EDC, light and easily hidden.  There is even the Penlight the resembles a pen but puts out 180 lumens.


Foursevens QT2L-X - Foursevens FlashlightsFoursevens Quark Pro & Tactical

This is the companies most popular series of lights. Most designs come with the choice of AA batteries or CR123a and are available as 1 or 2 battery lights.  These are designed to be serious EDC lights that can also be used in a tactical situation. The difference between the Pro and Tactical versions is the modes that are availiable. In the Pro version with the head loosened it will start at moonlight mode and with the click of the button move up in brightness ending with SOS, with the head tight turning on the light will put you in max mode and a single click will turn on strobe. In the Tactical version you will program the setting that you want at a single click with head loosened and tight.


Foursevens QB2L-X - Foursevens FlashlightsFoursevens Quark Turbo

The Quark Turbo series of lights is a subset of the Tactical set of lights in that the programming is the same. The difference is that the Turbo models all include an enlarged head to provide a deeper and smoother reflector to increase the throw of the light. Other models have stronger LEDs to increase the lumen output.


Foursevens MMU-X3 - Foursevens FlashlightsFoursevens Maelstrom

The Maelstrom series is the top of the line set of FourSevens flashlights. These light are rugged and meant to “show the dark who’s boss”. They range in lumens from 420 to 1600 for the regular flashlights and also include a separate device that puts out 15000 lumens. This series has the best bulbs, batteries, and overall design for a tactical situation.


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