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Fenix TK35 Review

AffordablePlastic battery compartment
Bright (900 lumens)Short throw due to compact size
6 output modes 

Fenix TK35 Specifications

Max Lumens: 900

Battery Life: 1.75 hours

Length: 6.5 inches

Bezel Diameter: 2 inches

Weight: 9.7 ounces (w/o batteries)

Fenix TK35 Review

For it’s brightness the Fenix TK35 is one of the smallest flashlights, also the ergonomic design of the Fenix TK35 makes it a comfortable flashlight to hold. This tactical flashlight uses two buttons on the base of the flashlight, one button is to turn the light on and off and the other is to change modes. Along with the four different power levels that range from 15 to 900 Lumens there are also two flashing modes that you can choose, SOS and strobe. Along with all of these modes the Fenix TK35 has very good battery life like most other Fenix flashlights. Being small for such a high level of output this flashlight does not have as large or as deep of a reflector as lights that are larger. This brings the downside of not having as far of a throw as some of the larger flashlights, but it is comparable to most in its class. Another possible downside could be the plastic battery chamber and the internal strength that it provides. If you are looking for a great all around flashlight with enough lumens to force somebody to look away or put their hands up to their face, it is hard to beat this little light for the price.  There are flashlight that are much smaller, but this is about as small as you will find with 900 lumens. With very few downsides the Fenix TK35 is a very good flashlight for the price in its class.

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