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Product Submission

Are you a flashlight retailer, distributor, or manufacturer looking to have your flashlights or other products reviewed on BestTacticalFlashlights.net? Take a look at the Terms and Conditions for our reviews below.

Review Terms and Conditions

Reviewed flashlights have been either been samples provided by manufacturers, dealers, or purchased by BestTacticalFlashlights.net. All reviews are preformed honestly and with the same guidelines.

  1. Reviews can be published on any sites or forums of BestTacticalFlashlights.net’s choice. Including but not limited to besttacticalflashlights.net, flashlight forums, social media.
  2. Acceptance of samples for review is not an endorsement of products.
  3. Any problems that are found with the review sample will be communicated with you in advance of posting the review to allow time for you to provide an additional sample or fix what is wrong.
  4. You will be informed when the review is posted online. I may update the review at any time and with your consent include any comments that you have made in regards to the review or product.
  5. You accept that the review is our honest opinion, and that even if we try to get accurate information nothing is guaranteed. In no way is BestTacticalFlashlights.net liable for any damages as a result of your participation in the review process.
  6. All review materials become the property of BestTacticalFlashlights.net and will not be returned. No other form of compensation is accepted for the review.
  7. Review products may be used for long-term comparisons, reviews, and durability tests.
  8. Acknowledgement of who provided the sample for review will be within the review with your permission. All opinions are that of BestTacticalFlashlights.net.
  9.  It is our intention to complete full reviews of all products but, products stats and pictures may be entered into our Buyer Guide Product Selector for comparison by customers without receiving a full review.
  10. All reviews are completed within our time frame with no promise of when it will be completed.
  11. The tests that we choose to perform are up to us and which ones we choose to post in our articles are up to us.
  12. You can link to any reviews or pictures that you decide as long as you let us know ahead of time and proper credit is given.

If all of the terms and conditions are acceptable to you, we would like to review any and all of the flashlights that you choose to send us as samples. Please contact Michael@BestTacticalFlashlights.net for further discussion, please use the words “Product Submission” in your subject line.

We reserve the right to change these Review Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.