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Fenix E05 Review

The Fenix E05 is one of those flashlights that you want to have sitting around your house. As you will find in this Fenix E05 Review, it is not the brightest flashlight. The Fenix E05 is a handy flashlight as it easily fits in the palm of your hand or a front pocket, so it is one that you can always have around. However, what makes the E05 one of the most useful flashlights around the house is how easy it is to use. As a consumer you will never have to worry about trying to figure out what button does what in terms of the UI, everything about this light is simple and straightforward.

  • Weight: 0.44 oz. w/out batteries
  • Dimensions: 2.61 inches long and 0.59 inch diameter
  • Lowest Setting: 8 lumens for 15 hours
  • Highest Setting: 85 lumens for 45 minutes

Fenix E05

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Fenix is one of the most well known brands in the entire flashlight industry. Fenix manufactures some of the best quality flashlights around, but the lights are also some of the best performing in the market. While it is now considered standard for flashlights to come equipped with LED that hasn’t always been the case. When LEDs first hit the market Fenix was right there manufacturing some of the best performing LED lights for what we think is a reasonable price. Fenix when they first entered the industry were known for value brand flashlights, but are now considered a premium brand. If you are particularly looking for a Fenix light check out our Fenix Flashlight Buyers Guide.

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Flashlight Features

The Fenix E05 comes in at just under 3 inches long and weighs less than 1 ounce, which makes it one of the smallest and lightest flashlights that you can find. The E05 is the perfect size for carrying on your keychain, storing in a pocket or even a purse or a pouch. No matter how you carry it, its small size makes it ideal for an everyday carry type of flashlight. We, here at Best Tactical Flashlights, like the Fenix E05 so much that we named it as the runner up for the Best AAA flashlight in 2015 and one of the Best EDC flashlights.

  • The Fenix E05 requires a single AAA battery to run. Interesting to note is that on high a Ni-MH battery will last longer than an alkaline battery, on low the opposite holds true, while on medium the batteries will last the same amount of time.
  • Light comes with a key ring and a spare O-ring. The O-Ring is used to ensure the light is waterproof.
  • Light has three different brightness levels; all 3 levels are digitally regulated so they maintain constant brightness.
  • The Fenix E05 uses a CREE XP-E2 LED that is expected to last for up to 50,000 hours.
  • Backend has a groove notched in to house the split ring to attach the light to your keychain. The groove makes it possible for the light to tail stand, which allows the Fenix E05 to be used as a candle.

As we mentioned before we listed the Fenix E05 as the runner up to the best small flashlight that requires a single AAA battery. The list of features that we just mentioned were only some of the reasons why we liked the flashlight as much as we did. The Fenix E05 might be a small flashlight, but that doesn’t stop it from being bright and useful. On high the light puts out 85 lumens, while on medium the light puts out 25 lumens and on low it emits 8 lumens. The best part about the varying lumens is the light is always started on low, so you won’t ruin your night vision when you first turn on the light. By having to cycle your way through the brightness levels your eyes have time to adjust to the light.

The Fenix E05 uses a CREE XP-E2 LED, but even better is that the light comes with a built in diffuser. One thing to take note of with the built in diffuser is that it is not located behind a glass lens, as there is no glass front with this model. The plastic diffuser takes place of the glass lens. The beauty of the built in diffuser is that it makes the Fenix E05 one of the best small flashlights for reading books or maps in enclosed places as it emits a soft, even beam.

How it Works

As with any kind of flashlight the Fenix E05 needs power in order to operate. So, what kind of power does a flashlight small enough to fit on a keychain require, you ask. The answer is a single AAA battery. This single battery is installed via the head of the flashlight, which you must unscrew in order to install or change the battery. Many users report that if the light is left unused for extended periods of time that the battery will corrode inside the battery tube. If you do not plan on using the light on a semi-regular basis we suggest that you store the battery separate from the light or at least check the battery every few months for signs of corrosion.

The UI

One of the most talked about things with the Fenix E05 is how simple it is to use. The UI on this flashlight is really one of the best ones on the market, no need to worry about how to access all of the different modes and brightness levels for each mode. The flashlight does not have any switches to use, you simply power the light on and off with a twist of the head.

The older version of the E05 only offered one brightness level, but the new and improved one now offers 3 brightness levels. All three of these levels are accessed by twisting the head of the flashlight until the desired level is reached. Unlike other flashlights the Fenix E05 does not have a memory function, so the light will not turn back on in the last mode it was used. This can be a bit frustrating for some because if you want the highest level you will need to cycle through the various levels every time you use the light.



The Fenix E05 is an ideal light for its size, as it more than gets the job done. As with all Fenix lights the E05 is one of the most durable lights you will find, even if you attach it to your keys and carry it around every day. The body of the light is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which adds to the durability of the light. The Type III hard anodized, anti-abrasive coating is ideal for preventing scratches, which is what allows it to look so good even after being stored with your keys.

To put together this detailed review of the Fenix E05 we read through several reviews on several flashlight forums. Overall, the E05 received pretty rave reviews for the type of flashlight it was. However, like any product out there the light was far from perfect and it seemed several people had the same general complaints with the light.

One of the biggest problems with the Fenix E05 was the fact that the light starts at the lowest setting, which means you have to cycle through the different levels every time you use the light even if you prefer the medium mode. The upside to this problem is that it preserves your night vision. Fenix did address this issue in other lights as they sell some, such as the LD01 that starts off in medium mode. This problem alone should not be considered a deal breaker, as it is a matter of personal preference.

Another issue is being able to use the light with a single hand, as many manufacturers like to claim about their flashlights. Fenix makes the same claim with the E05, but in reality it can be a bit difficult to manipulate the light with one hand. Part of the problem is the light has no clip, so it can spin freely in your hands as you twist the head. The other problem is the threads are a bit stiffer than on other lights, so it can make it a bit harder to twist the head to cycle through the levels. Attaching the light to a keychain and gripping the light with your keys can help hold the light in place.


The Fenix E05 is an excellent key chain flashlight. Thanks to the durability known to Fenix the light can take a beating and still look good. Its small size and lightweight make it perfect to carry on your keychain; it’s so small you will barely notice that it is there. The light can reach 85 lumens, but starts off every time on 8 lumens so as not to destroy your night vision when you need it most. The CREE XP_E2 LED with built in diffuser makes the light the ideal choice for up close reading, but also works great up to a few feet away. If you’re looking for a different type of flashlight, please read our other flashlight reviews.

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