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Keep It Bright! Nitecore MH20GT Review [Rechargeable]

Does your flashlight always run out of batteries at the worst possible time? Are you tired of carrying around spare batteries? Are you looking for a light that you can recharge while on the go? If any of these sounds like you, it is time to look into the Nitecore MH20GT. Coming in at 4.37 inches long with the ability to emit up to 100 lumens, the Nitecore MH20GT is the most compact rechargeable light in its class.  Keep on reading to find out what else the Nitecore MH20GT has to offer.

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Before You Buy

Before buying any kind of flashlight you need to consider some important factors. The most important factor to consider is what you plan on using the light for. The main purpose of the light will help you determine the range of lumens you need, as well as what other extra features and benefits the light should have. Most lights have a range of output modes. Some lights offer 4 brightness levels, others will offer 5 levels. Pay close attention to the range of lumens being offered. Sometimes that one extra level is more than you need, other times it is exactly what you need. Most of us find that EDC lights, like the Nitecore MH20GT, are the best choice, as they can be used for a variety of tasks, including self-defense.

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The Nitecore MH20GTis an upgraded version of the Nitecore MH20 and what an upgrade it is. When you compare the Nitecore MH20 to the Nitecore MH20GT the main thing you are going to notice is the impressive throw. The difference between the two models is the head of the light. Upgraded to a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED the MH20GT has such an impressive throw due to its bigger head and deeper reflector.

The MH20GT is powered by a single 18650 battery and is considered the most compact rechargeable light in its class. The 18650 battery provides enough power for the MH20GT to emit a maximum of 1000 lumens for up to 1 hour. The Nitecore MH20GT offers five brightness levels, in addition to three concealed modes. A deep pocket clip allows you to carry the light with the light being fully concealed. The rounded edge of the clip prevents tearing of clothes or skin.


  • Thermoelectric separation technology
  • Rechargeable
  • Two-stagee switch


  • USB port hard to close
  • No lockout mode


  • Dimensions: 4.37 inches long with a 1.25-inch diameter
  • Weight: 3.15 oz without batteries
  • Lowest Setting: 1 lumens for 680 hours
  • Highest Setting: 1000 lumens for 1 hour

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Nitecore MH20GT Features & Benefits

User Interface


With the Nitecore MH20GT, you have the same user interface as seen on the Nitecore MH20. The two stage switch is designed for easy one-handed operation. The switch provides direct access to turbo and ultra-low modes. To access turbo mode press and hold the switch for over 1 second. For ultra-low mode press the switch halfway down for over 1 second. The light must be powered off to access both these modes. The two-stage switch also provides access to the 5 brightness levels, as well as the three concealed modes.

Built-In Indicator

The Nitecore MH20GT features a built-in indicator light to alert users to current battery power. The indicator light starts working the minute the light is turned on. The blue light will blink every two seconds to alert you when battery life has reached 50%. Once battery life drops to critical levels the blue light will rapidly blink. The blue indicator light also works as a location indicator when the Nitecore MH20GT is in standby mode.

Advanced Temperature Regulation


Some flashlights are prone to overheating when in use. Overheating flashlights often shut off leaving you lurching around in the dark. Nitecore developed the Advanced Temperature Regulation to prevent their lights from overheating. The ATR technology monitors the internal temperature and automatically adjusts the output. This eliminates any problems due to overheating, but also expands the life of the Nitecore MH20GT.

Social Proof

I have spent several hours reading through online reviews of the Nitecore MH20GT. Almost all of the reviews I have read have been positive. Reviews talk about how powerful the light is despite its small size. Many reviews refer to the light as being one of the most compact rechargeable lights in its class. It is comfortable to hold and is nicely designed.  Overall there weren’t too many complaints regarding the upgraded Nitecore MH20GT. The biggest concern was the rubber USB flap. If it isn’t secured just right it will render the IPX-8 rating useless.



Nitecore MH20

NITECORE MH20 1000 Lumen Compact USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery and LumenTac Battery Organizer

The Nitecore MH20 uses a high-performance CREE XM-L2 U2 LED to emit a maximum of 1,000 lumens. Cooling fins paired with advanced temperature regulation keep the Nitecore MH20 cool to prevent overheating. Coming in at just a little over 4 inches long and weighing only 3 ounces without the battery, the Nitecore MH20 is also the lightest rechargeable light made by Nitecore. The 18650 battery does not have to be removed for charging. The Nitecore MH20 features an intelligent charging module that rapidly charges the battery with a micro USB cord through the USB port.

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Nitecore MH27

Nitecore MH27 USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight RGB 1000 Lumen Light Bundle with a Lumintrail Wall Adapter

If you need something with a little further throw than the Nitecore MH20, you need to consider the Nitecore MH27. The Nitecore MH27 utilizes a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to emit a maximum of 1000 lumens. With the Nitecore MH27, users will notice an increased through, as the beam reaches 1515 feet. The MH27 is rechargeable via a micro-USB cable when a single 18650 battery is used. CR123A batteries may also be used, but runtime and output levels will be reduced. Tactical tail switch powers the light, while a multi-purpose side switch is used for the operation. The Nitecore MH27 features three independent auxiliary LEDs in red, green, and blue.

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Olight S30R III

Olight S30R III Poweful 18650 3500mah Rechargeable Flashlight Searchlight CREE LED 1050 Lumens EDC Pocket Light usb Cable and Charging Dock (charger) with Olight Patch

If you need something a little brighter than the Nitecore MH20GT, the Olight S30R III is a great alternative. With the rechargeable Olight S30R, you will receive a micro-charging dock along with a 3500mAh rechargeable battery. Using a CREE XM-L2 LED the Olight S30R III emits anywhere from 0.5 to 1050 lumens. A magnetic tail cap allows the light to securely attach to ferrous metal surfaces to provide you with a hands-free option. A long and short timer function provides you with a second hands-free option. Under the side switch, you will find a low power and lockout indicator light.

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Nitecore MH20GT Review Final Thoughts

If you are after a small, but powerful light with an excellent throw the upgraded Nitecore MH20GT is the ideal choice. Using a single 18650 battery the Nitecore MH20GT can emit a maximum of 1000 lumens up to 1188 feet. Coming in at just 4.37 inches long most people are pleasantly surprised by how powerful it really is. Now that you know what the upgraded Nitecore MH20GT has to offer, go on out and purchase one today.

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