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What is EDC? Everyday Carry Beginners Guide

For those of you who are new to the EDC community, you might wonder what EDC means.

To put it simply, EDC stands for Everyday Carry.

Now that you understand what it means let’s talk more about what it covers. Most people new to this EDC community often spend hours searching through posts and opinions but still do not understand what it is all about.

The first thing you must realize is that EDC is not just a term; it is an actual lifestyle that people choose to follow.

What Exactly does EDC mean?

At the most basic level, EDC or Everyday Carry refers to the items you carry with you. These items are carried either inside a bag, purse or just in your pockets.

Your EDC items are your go-to items. They are the things that you double or even triple-check that you have with you before walking out the front door or also exiting your vehicle.

These items are things that you find extremely valuable. And we are not talking about monetary value although some of them are on the pricey side. These items are things you cannot do without.

So when you reach into your bag, purse, or pockets, the items you consider essentials should adhere to some specific qualities. They are going to meet the guidelines and fundamental principles that define what everyday carry is all about.

The main principle behind everyday carry is preparedness and utility.

Your everyday carry items will serve a specific purpose, meaning they must be functional to you in some aspect. These items allow you to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and they will enable you to do your best when faced with that situation.

What Items do most People Carry?

There is no one size fits all for this question, as different people find different items essential. Over time you will figure out what pieces work for you and what items do not.

Although everybody finds different things useful, there are a few items that most people carry regardless of anything else.

Smartphone: The first item most people don’t leave home without is there phone. Phones have come a long way over the years, and a decent Smartphone can do so much more than it used to these days, plus they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Using a Smartphone as part of our everyday carry eliminates the need for carrying additional items for minimalist everyday carry people. For example, smartphones replace the need for paper and pen and a camera, flashlight, and a watch.

Knife: This is one we highly suggest, but everybody feels differently, and laws are different in some places. A good, decent sized pocket knife or box cutter is a must-have tool, as long as it’s being used correctly. Pocket knives allow for cutting and slicing with ease, most often even better than scissors or keys. 

Flashlight: Some people have replaced their flashlight with a Smartphone, but an EDC style flashlight is too essential to replace.

Your EDC style light serves to light up the darkness and serve as a weapon in emergencies. And if it is a bright enough light then you could temporarily blind a would-be attacker.

How good your EDC style light depends on the model you purchase and what additional features it has to offer. Most EDC style lights provide different levels of light, several emergency modes, and have their battery. We really like a light with moonlight mode to use in close up situations.

Performance is more reliable with a trusted EDC light than a phone.

Keychain: Key chains are essential because they keep all your keys in one location. Key chains are also useful for carrying other essential items, such as a pocket knife, mini flashlight, or pepper spray.

Key chains provide a place to easily attach and take essential things you want with you at all times.

Wallet: A wallet is vital because it keeps a bunch of relevant documents, including cash, credit cards, and our ID’S. Some carry other documents in them, such as hunting and fishing licenses or health insurance information. Online wallets are nice, but they won’t work when your phone battery dies.

Multitool: Nothing meets the principles set forth of everyday carry like the multitool, as its versatile, portable, and it allows you to be prepared for just about everything.

The multitool provides you with one tool that can be used in a variety of different ways. The most common tools found on your multitool include screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, and a bottle opener.

Watch: Yes, phones tell the time these days, but wearing a watch allows you to check the time without fumbling around with your phone. Most watches don’t require recharging unless it’s a SmartWatch, so even if your phone dies, you still can tell the time. Watches can also do many other things, depending on the style of the watch you wear.

Pen and Paper: Phone batteries die even while you are taking down important notes.

Carrying a small notebook and a pen eliminates the risk of the phone dying when you need it. Plus, it allows you to quickly draw things out when you are trying to explain something.

Benefits of Following an EDC Approach

One of the most significant benefits of following an everyday carry approach is how much stuff you can do. Carrying most of these tools allows us to handle daily style tasks with ease and often more efficiently. Just updating what you include in your everyday carry will enable you to become better prepared and efficient in handling various tasks.

These standard-type tools you carry help you handle everyday style tasks, but they also help you out in emergencies or when you have something unexpected come up. Having everyday carry tools allows you to always be prepared, plus it ensures you are self-reliant. NO more waiting on somebody to come help you out, as you can tackle the problem yourself.  

Another significant benefit to following the everyday carry principals is for convenience. Having tools and items handy in your pocket, bag, or purse means you spend less time digging around, looking for the stuff you need to solve a problem. You won’t have to worry about asking somebody to borrow a pen or paper either.

Practicing everyday carry ensures you are always ready to face whatever might come your way.


Despite all of the ideas we have just given you on everyday carry, there are no rules or requirements that you have to follow. The most important thing to remember about everyday carry is its centered around your lifestyle and your needs, not anybody else’s.

You can use the items we listed, pick and choose from our list, or even add your essential items. Everyday carry is a part of who you are as a person, so embrace it, and don’t be afraid to get comfortable with it.

Thanks for visiting the site. We do have a focus on flashlights here but we follow an EDC mindset ourselves.

There are lots of people that think that a phone flashlight is enough but one of the biggest reasons you have these tools with is so you can count on them when you need them. A dedicated flashlight that is durable will be there when you need it. If something rough happens your phone might be broken. If you are looking for a flashlight check out our top flashlights guide.