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Paracord Projects [75 DIYs] So Many Uses!

Have you ever needed paracord but didn’t have it? Wondered what would be the best way to carry it around? Did you know that paracord is so useful it can be used in hundreds of ways? Not everybody likes to carry around a big ball of rope, but it is always something they need in an emergency. Keep on reading to discover 77 paracord projects you can do so you have paracord there when you need it.

Before starting any paracord project you want to make sure you have the right stuff. The main type of paracord used today is 550 paracord. This paracord’s load bearing weight is 500 pounds or less. 550 paracord is made up of a minimum of 5 strands but can be made with up to 8 strands. The strands are wrapped in nylon outer to provide strength and durability.

Survival Paracord Projects

#1 – Survival Bracelet:

This project doesn’t require anything special, so it is a great place for beginners to start. The paracord survival bracelet uses a simple cobra weave to form the bracelet. The bracelet is fully adjustable. The survival bracelet can be made from a single color or multiple colors. To complete the project you will need two separate lengths of paracord. Length will depend on the desired size of the bracelet. Estimated completion time for survival bracelet is one to two hours.

#2 – Fire Starter Bracelet:

via SurvivalReality on Youtube

This bracelet takes the design of the survival bracelet and expands on it. This survival bracelet isn’t adjustable but will fit wrists between 7 and 9 inches. The survival bracelet provides you with 16 feet of paracord to use in an emergency. The buckle of the bracelet serves as a fire starter with a flint on one side and a washer on the other. Interwoven in the bracelet is some twine that can be used as kindling to get the first going.

Here is one that we found that you can get for free with shipping and handling from Survival Life. It has stuff for fire starting and whistle along with the paracord. We know it is fun to make but sometimes you just want the goodies.

Survival Life FireKable

#3 – Climbing Harness:

A store-bought climbing harness is going to be the best and most comfortable choice. Paracord climbing harnesses aren’t very comfortable but work great in an emergency. To make a climbing harness with paracord you simply need 15 feet of it, some climbing rope, and about 2 hours.

#4 – Paracord Belt:

Some people use leather belts for survival, but paracord belts are another great option. Leather belts are pretty limited as to what they can be used for, but paracord has hundreds of uses. Survival belts are not the best choice for beginners, but it can be done if you don’t give up. The survival belt is made with 100 feet of 550 paracord and your preferred style of belt buckle.

#5 – Bullwhip:

Bullwhips are one of the most underused and underappreciated survival weapons. Bullwhips can inflict a large amount of serious damage if they are used correctly. When cracked bullwhips are extremely loud, they make a mini sonic boom. This project will teach you how to make a 6-foot long bullwhip that contains 12 plaits.

#6 – Firewood Carrier:


Outdoor adventures often call for a fire. Fires keep your warm, cook your food, and can provide a little bit of light. It can be a chore to carry kindling and firewood from the woods to the campsite. Using a firewood carrier makes the job easier. Carriers also allow you to carry more wood in a single trip.

#7 – Rope Ladder:

You never know when you are going to need a ladder. Many people use these for hunting blinds, but they work great for treehouses and emergencies. The paracord rope ladder requires 300 feet of 550 paracord and will take around 50 minutes to complete.

#8 – Paracord Snowshoes:

Walking through snow can be fun, but it can sometimes be impossible. In waist deep snow you end up post-holing the entire time you are walking, so you are exhausted before you even arrive at your destination. Getting lost in the wilderness with waist deep snow spells disaster unless you can make paracord snowshoes. You can make them on the go with paracord you have on hand or you can make them ahead of time.

#9 – Snare Trap Rig:

Setting up this snare trap should take less than 30 minutes. If you are ever stuck in the wilderness using the snare trap might be the only way for you to catch wild game to eat. With the snare trap, you want to set up as many as possible to increase the odds of catching your prey. One of the top survival things to learn is simple traps so you have a chance to catch some food

#10 – Bottle Harness:

Carrying around a water bottle is not always feasible. You never know when you are going to need both hands. Using paracord and a carabineer clip you can make what we call a water bottle harness. The paracord securely attaches to the bottle and the paracord is attached to the clip. The clip can be hooked onto a belt loop or backpack for easy transportation.

#11 – Backpack Strap Wrap:

You can use up to 49 feet of paracord when wrapping your straps. How much you use depends on how big the straps are and how thickly you want them wrapped. Wrapping the backpack straps increases their durability, provides you with paracord in case of an emergency and provides a little extra padding. Adding some paracord to your backpack would make a great addition on your backpacking checklist.

#12 – Fishing Bracelet:

Sometimes you don’t have the space necessary to carry all your fishing gear. The fishing bracelet is a paracord bracelet with a simple, but effective fishing kit hidden inside. The bracelet uses 550 paracord and contains 25 feet of braided fishing line, 2 hooks, and split-shot weights.

#13 – Quick Deploy Key FOB:

This project is ideal for those of you that need a lot of paracord in a hurry. The quick deploy key fob is hooked onto your keychain, so you always have it handy. To deploy the paracord you simply pull the cord. How much paracord you use depends on how much want to include. It is an excellent project for those just starting out in paracord projects.

#14 – Paracord Donut:

Sometimes the quick deploy key fob isn’t enough, you need way more paracord than that project can handle. If that is the case the paracord donut is an excellent choice. When constructed properly the paracord survival donut allows you to carry more paracord than you could possibly need in a small space. Just make sure you wrap it so it comes undone quickly without any knotting.

#15 – Lanyard:

Lanyards can come in handy in a variety of situations. Lanyards can be used to hang things from belt loops. They can be used to wear things around your neck or just hold onto things you don’t want to be lost. Paracord lanyards are preferred over ordinary ones because they are durable and will last longer.

#16 – Quick Deploy Bracelet:

As the name suggests this bracelet is designed to provide you several feet of paracord in a matter of seconds. What makes this quick deploy bracelet stand out for survivalists is the stainless steel Fish Bone Gear Tie. Two pieces of equipment that should be in your bug out bag.

#17 – Lighter Wrap:

via Paracord Projects

This might seem a bit over the top, but it is a very handy project. If you have ever tried manipulating a light with wet hands you know how impossible that can be. Cold hands can also make using a lighter difficult. Wrapping the lighter with paracord allows cold or wet hands to grip the lighter making it easy to manipulate.

#18 – Secret Compartment Keychain:

This keychain should become part of your EDC kit. Inside the keychain, you can carry some extra cash for emergencies. The secret compartment can hold a variety of things that are able to be rolled up tightly. The secret compartment allows you to hide things you might not want to be found, plus provides a small amount of paracord in an emergency.

We found one of these that you can get already made and sent to you free with just paying for shipping and handling from Ape Survival. The below image is all of the stuff that is in it.

 ape survival paracord granade

#19 – Net Bag:

This net bag can be used for a variety of tasks in the outdoors. One of the most common uses is a fish net. The net bag can also be used to store food far off the ground at campsites. No matter how you use it the net bag is extremely useful to have with you on outdoor adventures.

#20 – Compression Strap with Handle:

Packing and carrying soft, squishy items for outdoor adventures is frustrating. Blankets, sleeping bags, etc. are hard to carry without everything seeming to fall apart and dragging in the dirt. Paracord can be used to make a compression strap with a handle to easily carry these items. The strap with handle can also be used for carrying other things, including firewood.

#21 – Hiking Belt:

If you spend any time in the outdoors hiking you know how difficult it is to fit everything you need into your pockets. You can use a pack, but that makes quick access to the most needed items impossible. Using a belt and some paracord you can make a hiking belt. The system used for this belt allows you to quickly attach and release your most needed tools.

#22 – Tent Support:

When outdoor adventuring you never know when an emergency is going to strike. Your hiking gear should always include paracord and a tarp. Using just these two items you can create a make-shift tent. Use the tent to stay dry in a sudden downpour, protect you from the hot sun, to provide shelter, etc. Sometimes “The mountains are calling and you must go..” one of our favorite John Muir quotes, and you do not take the time to look at the weather. It is good to have something already setup just incase.

Flashlight Paracord Projects

#23 – Handle Wrap:

Wrapping your flashlight with paracord provides two benefits. First, it provides a softer grip, which is nice when you are holding your light for an extended period of time. Second, you will have 20 feet of paracord at your disposable in case of an emergency. Using the right kind of wrap will provide you with a quick deploy method.

#24 -Turks Head Knot:


Turks Head Knot is a bit more complex than the quick deploy wrap, but it provides an excellent cushion. The Turks Head Knot can be used to wrap the handle of flashlights but can be used on all different kinds of handles. You can also undo the wrap if you ever need paracord during an emergency. How much paracord you need will depend on what you are wrapping.

#25 – Holster:

If you just need a quick and easy way to carry your flashlight around this is an excellent choice. The holster is made from a basic back weave and side weave. The holster can be individualized for each light providing you with the perfect fit.

#26 – Strap:

For a six inch light, you will need about 10 feet of paracord to make the handle strong and durable. The handle provides you with an easy way to carry your light. It can also be used to secure the light to a backpack or belt loop. Handles provide another way to manipulate the light when it is in use.

Weapon Paracord Projects

#27 – Self Defense Key Fob:

The best self-defense tool is something that you always have with you. Since you always have your keys with you the self-defense key fob is a brilliant idea. The key fob uses a basic monkey fist with a small steel ball tucked inside. To be used successfully for self-defense you need the keychain to be on the thicker side.

#28 – Slingshot:

Never underestimate the power of a slingshot. It might not look like much, but when used properly it can cause serious damage. A slingshot is considered a weapon and therefore should always be treated like one. A paracord slingshot can be used with ball bearings or rocks. Once you get the hang of it, you can use it to hunt small game.

#29 – Gun Sling:

It is not always feasible to carry around a rifle while we hunting or hiking. Sometimes it makes life easier just to sling it over your shoulder to pack it around. You can buy a rifle sling, but you can also make your own with 550 paracord. 550 paracord is strong, durable, and will withstand the elements, plus it is handy to have in case of an unforeseen emergency.

#30 – Ammo Holder/Bandolier:

If you are carrying around your rifle you are also going to be carrying around ammo. Without the ammo, you won’t be able to even use your rifle. Rather than packing rifle ammo in boxes you can turn paracord into a bandolier. As you use the ammo you will free up paracord for other uses. Plus the bandolier prevents ammo from getting lost in your pack if you carry it loose.

#31 – Bow Sling:

Carrying your bow around isn’t always feasible. Many times while out hunting you need your hands-free to spot your target or to help you climb to higher ground. A bow sling made from paracord provides you with a hands-free way to carry your bow with you everywhere you go.

#32 – Knife Grip:

Bare knives can present a problem with sweaty hands. If you prefer the look of the bare knife blade handle, you might want a better grip option. You can put any kind of handle on it or you can do a paracord handle. The paracord when wrapped tightly provides a comfortable handle, plus extra paracord in an emergency.

#33 – Monkey Fist:

Warning this weapon can and will inflict serious damage. It should only be used for self-defense purposes. The Monkey Fist involves wrapping a small to medium-sized object with paracord. The bigger the object the bigger and more effective the monkey fist will be. Steel ball bearings or pool balls are the ideal sizes for this homemade weapon.

Pet Paracord Projects

#34 – Dog Collar:

This popular dog collar uses the Cobra Weave, which is one of the most popular paracord weaves. The Cobra weave is one of the stronger weaves, but the King Cobra weave is even stronger. The dog collar we prefer uses the King Cobra weave for added strength, but also more padding and a thicker collar. The thickness and padding provide the most comfort for dogs of all sizes.

#35 – Leash:

This leash can be used for a variety of purposes. Ordinary nylon leashes wear out and begin to fray over time. A paracord leash will hold up even in the harshest environments. A paracord dog leash is strong enough to use for the biggest and strongest dogs, but it can be used on horses too.

#36 – Chew Toys:

Biting and chewing are two things that all dogs love to do. Bigger dogs often chew through dog toys faster than you can buy them. Making your own dog toys from 550 paracord ensures the toys last longer than the newest squeaker toy from the local pet store. Making your own dog toys allows you to customize the size and thickness for different dogs.

#37 – Harness:

Some dogs and owners prefer harnesses when they go for walks. Smaller dogs do best with a harness as it prevents them from pulling and hurting their neck. Big dogs that like to pull also do better with a harness. The harness prevents dogs from slipping out of collars.

#38 – Halti Collar:

Learning to walk on heel can be hard for some dogs. To help encourage a dog to walk on heel a halti collar is a wonderful tool. It is an easy paracord project to make and should only take about 2 hours to complete.

#39 – Horse Halter:

No matter how hard you look sometimes you just can’t find the halter that you are looking for. Sometimes you might have a hard time that fits just right. Or perhaps you just don’t want to spend money on halters they are simply going to outgrow. No matter the reasons paracord can be used to make horse halters in a variety of colors.

#40 – Bridle:

Now that you have made the halter why not make a matching bridle. Making bridles out of paracord gives your tack a customized look at an affordable price. With how many different colors you have to choose from you can easily create something that allows your horse to stand out in a crowd.

Tool/Gear Paracord Projects

#41 – Drawstring Bag:

You never know when you are going to need a bag to carry stuff around in. This drawstring bag can be used around the house, on trips, or even to store sleeping bags. With the drawstring bag, you can keep it simple with overhand knots or you can make an elaborate design using fancier knots.

#42 – Bike Frame Handle:

Cyclists spend plenty of time carrying their bikes, which isn’t an easy task. To make it easier to carry the bike from one location to the next you can make a bike frame handle out of aluminum and paracord. The aluminum forms the handle. The paracord is wrapped around the handle to provide a comfortable grip.

#43 – Water Bottle Net:

There are several different ways to carry water bottles. Each project has its own advantages. With the water bottle net, you have a fitted net that securely surrounds the bottle to protect from rubbing. The net provides numerous attachment options. The net can also be used to hang things from. The net style can be used for any kind of outdoor activity even if you are just out real quick to get some of the health benefits of being in nature.

#44 – Paracord Pouch:

Not only is this pouch useful in an emergency situation, it serves an everyday purpose too. The paracord pouch can be made in different sixes. What size you select depends on what you need to hold. It is the perfect tool to use for phones, papers, or other valuables you don’t want to be lost or stolen.

#45 – Guitar Pick:

You never know when you are going to need a guitar pick. If you ever find yourself without a pick or want one with a softer grip, try making one out of paracord. Making a guitar pick requires a paperclip and 1 foot of paracord that is woven around the clip.

#46 – Leatherman Pouch:

It is always handy to have a Leatherman tool, but what if you don’t have a carrying case. Leather ones are great, but wear out over time. Paracord cases can be custom-made to fit your Leatherman using just 25 feet of 550 paracord. The durable cord can withstand all the elements better than leather. The case easily slides onto your belt, just as leather made ones do.

Home Paracord Projects

#47 – Hammock:

This project can be filed under home projects and survival projects. Survivalists find the hammock works great for minimalist camping. Packing just the paracord needed takes up less space in your pack than a preassembled hammock. Once you arrive at your campsite, you need to find two suitable trees to tie your hammock between. For backyards, you just need to find a suitable place to hang the hammock before you start weaving away.

#48 – Hammock Chair:

A hammock chair can be quite useful camping but makes a great addition for backyards. With this simple to make hammock chair all you need is two sturdy trees to set it up. Set up and take down can be done in a matter of minutes. Made out of paracord it is easy to store and won’t add weight to a heavy pack.

#49 – Hammer Holder:

How many times have you set your hammer down only to have troubles finding it? When working with your hammer you want to have it within easy reach at all times. With 12 feet of paracord, you can make a sturdy and cheap hammer holder that attaches to any style of belt.

#50 – Coasters:

Drink coasters provide plenty of benefits, but over time they start to wear out. If your coasters need replacing try making your own out of paracord. Using a pineapple knot and your color of choice you can make several drink coasters that will last several years or more.

#51 – Hanging Chair:

Paracord can be used to make all kinds of chairs. This one, in particular, uses wood slats held together with paracord. Paracord is then used to hang the chair from a solid structure. The best part about this chair, besides how easy it is to make, is it is comfortable as it conforms to your body.

#52 – Water Bottle Cap Holder:

Eventually attached water bottle caps break off. Using paracord you can now quit tossing those broken water bottles in the trash. This paracord project can even be used on water bottle caps that were not attached before.

#53 – Vases:

Paracord vases make for an interesting centerpiece. Making paracord vases requires you to obtain regular vases first. You can then decorate the vases in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular is to simply wrap and glue the paracord around the vase. You can get creative and use a net wrap or your favorite knots or weaves.

#54 – Macramé Plant Hangers:

via Element

Macramé plant hangers are a traditional way to hang potted plants. They often look nice and allow you to hang plants from various locations. Paracord is durable and stands up quite well to the elements. Using paracord for plant hangers outside reduces the frequency in which the hangers need to be replaced.

#55 – Koozi:

Koozies are nice as they prevent your hands from becoming wet or cold when holding onto drinks. You might be surprised to learn that even a koozie made out of paracord will keep your drink cold, plus you have paracord in the event of an emergency. The koozie can be made to fit bottles or can depending on the size koozie you make.

#56 – Stool:

If you have an old stool lying around you can easily repurpose it with some paracord. Over time stool or bench seats become worn and brittle. Instead of tossing the stool out simply replace the seat with some of your favorite paracord. Woven seats are the best choice, but you can try your hand at different kinds of knots and weaves.

#57 – Trivets:

Trivets are made to absorb heat, but some do a better job than others. One of the great things about paracord is how well it can handle heat. You can weave different crochet stitches with paracord to produce durable trivets for your kitchen.

Just For Fun Paracord Projects

#58 – Paracord Headphones:

How often do you go and grab a pair of headphones only to find them tangled beyond belief? Chances are more often than not. These paracord headphones require no knots and guarantee you will never have to deal with tangled headphones again.

#59 – Guitar Strap:

Making a guitar strap out of paracord is very similar to making an assault rifle sling. You will need to make a few modifications to the guitar strap. Making your own guitar strap allows you to customize the strap to suit your own style. This project can take up to 10 hours to complete, so it is not recommended for beginners.

#60 – Paracord Dispenser:

This isn’t exactly a paracord project, but it is a great idea for storing paracord. The dispenser can be used for the current project you are working on. It can also be used for carrying excess paracord with you in your bag or on your person. How much paracord you can store in the dispenser depends on the size of the dispenser.

#61 – Grenade Keychain:

via Paracord Crate

This project can be done just for fun or it can be considered a survival project. The grenade shaped keychain is a fun design to make, but it is also practical. The keychain is always with you and provides you with enough cord to handle most emergencies. The attachment can be done with either a keychain ring or a carabineer clip.

There is a very similar one that you can get free + shipping and handling from Ape Survival. Check out the image below to see what is inside. We listed this above already but maybe you just passed over it.

 ape survival paracord granade

#62 – Camera Strap:

Cameras are a must have on vacation, for family events, for just about anything. With how expensive cameras are the last thing you want to do is drop one. Paracord straps are a great addition to any camera. Not only do they look good, they provide you with an easy way to carry your camera. Whether you prefer to dangle it over your arm or around your neck the paracord will provide a safe and comfortable strap.

#63 – Phone Pocket/Sleeve:

You can style your phone pocket or sleeve to have a tight or loose weave based on personal choice. The tighter weave provides more of a blanket effect, so it offers better protection. The tighter weave is a bit harder to accomplish but can be used for more than carrying around a phone. Carabineer clip allows you to attach the sleeve to pants or belts. If you aren’t a fan of the carabineer clip try different options.

#64 – Wallet:

Wallets are something we all use, so why not make one out of useful material. These days wallets are being made from just about everything from duct tape to paracord. With the paracord, you can use all black to make a tactical style wallet or you can add a bit of flare with multiple colors.

#65 – Cord Reinforcement:

USB charging cables are not very durable. The more they are used the weaker they become due to the bending of the cord. Paracord can be used to reinforce these cords at their most vulnerable points. The paracord wrap prevents the cord from excessive bending and twisting when the cord is in use.

#66 – Off-road Vehicle Handles:

When offroading you never know when you are going to need something to grab onto. Rock crawling is a perfect example, as you go up or down rocks of various sizes sometimes you need to hold on to keep your body from slamming around. Some vehicles come stock with grab handles, but they can be uncomfortable to hang onto. Paracord handles are durable and comfortable, plus provide you with tons of paracord if you ever get into a bind offroading.

#67 – Steering Wheel Wrap:

Steering wheels become harder to grip as the vehicle gets older. Rather than replacing your steering wheel or buying a steering wheel cover you can make your own out of paracord. Paracord comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can easily find something to match your interest and your vehicle’s interior. Along with the firmer grip, you will have plenty of paracord to use in the event of an emergency.

#68 – Watchband:

Overtime ordinary watchbands wear out. Replacing worn out bands can get expensive. Rather than spending money on a replacement band, you can make your own out of paracord. The benefit to using paracord as your watchband, aside from the durability, is you have paracord if you need it in an emergency. Plus paracord gives your new watchband a survivalist look.

#69 – Laptop Harness:

Laptop bags can be quite irritating to lug around. Getting your laptop in and out is nothing short of a miracle. The paracord laptop harness makes storing and accessing your laptop a breeze. The design is also pleasing to look at and allows you to show off any improvements made to your laptop. The best part the simple design holds the laptop securely in place.

#70 – Bookmark:

If you like to tread you can never have enough bookmarks. If you want interesting bookmarks that can double as a weapon make a double monkey fist bookmark. Even if you never have to use it as a weapon it will make an interesting conversation piece.

#71 – Army Men:

Who said army men need to be made out of plastic? With paracord, you can make hundreds of your own poseable army men. Even better you can teach your kids how to make them with you. The poseable army men will provide hours of fun as they can do anything you imagine.

#72 – Paracord Minions:

Who can resist Minions? The paracord Minions are similar to the Army Men, but they are not poseable, but they still make an excellent toy. Making minions requires yellow and blue paracord that is joined together using crown knots ended with an overhand knot.

Clothing Paracord Projects

#73 – Paracord Sandals:

Warm weather means flip-flops and other sandals. The problem is sometimes keeping this footwear on your feet. Using cheap flip flops from the store you can add paracord to form a sandal that will not fall off. The paracord sandal style is lighter than traditional sandals you find in stores and is 100% waterproof.

#74 – Hat Band:

If you can make a paracord bracelet you can easily make a paracord hat band. These hat bands are created from woven paracord in your color choice. Hat bands make a great addition to a variety of hats. If you model them after the quick release bracelet you can also easily access several feet of paracord in the event of an emergency.

#75 – Headband:

Sometimes you need to keep your hair out of the way. Headbands are perfect for that but can get rather boring. Instead of using a plain headband transform it into a paracord one. Wrapping a headband with paracord can be done in any color, plus you can add a strand or two through the middle to give it a softer look.

Paracord Projects Final Thoughts

Paracord is extremely useful. It is one of the must-have items in most survivalists bug out bags and along with signaling SOS knots are one of the top things you need to be able to use and learn about. You can easily carry loose paracord in your bug out bag, but what happens if you still don’t have enough. These fun and creative paracord projects provide you with other ideas for carrying paracord with you. Now that you know how useful 550 paracord can be, why not get started on a project today! Thank you for visiting BestTacticalFlashlights.net. Please take a look at our flashlight reviews or our flashlight buyers guides for all your flashlight needs.