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Best UV Flashlights 2024 [Scorpion, Mineral? 3 Ultraviolet Glow, Blacklight]

Do you work in a profession where you need to rely on UV lights to get your job done? Are you having a hard time finding a UV light that you can rely on? Even if you feel like you are out of options, rest assured that the best UV flashlight is out there. The best Ultraviolet flashlights aren’t always the ones that have the most features or cost the most money. Sometimes the best UV flashlights are the smallest ones that allow you to get your job done. To find out what we consider the best blacklight flashlight, just keep reading.

Short On Time? Here Is The Bullet List

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UV Flashlight Uses

We have all used UV lights at least once, most likely in the form of a black light for some form of entertainment. UV lights are also used for spotting counterfeit bills. US currency above a $1 has vertical bands that fluoresce under UV light. The paper used for currency does not contain optical brighteners. Lacking the brighteners, authentic bills will not fluoresce under UV light. UV lights can do so much more than providing entertainment or spot fake currency.

What to Look for in the Best UV Flashlight


When buying any kind of flashlight it is important to know what to look for. Different flashlights have different purposes. What you look for in the best EDC flashlight will not be the same thing you look for in UV flashlights. No matter what style of light you are looking for, you want to make sure it offers quality construction. You want a light manufactured from high-quality materials. One that isn’t going to fall apart the first time you use it. Power is something else that you will need to consider when buying a black light. UV lights need to have a lot of power behind them because the bulbs themselves are not as efficient.

Purple Light UVFluoresce

Law enforcement personnel use UV flashlights for forensic purposes. Different fluids will fluoresce under the presence of a UV light. Blood does not glow under ultraviolet light it turns black. UV lights are great at detecting pet urine. Any urine left behind on any surface will immediately fluoresce. UV flashlights are used indoors, but they can also be quite useful in the outdoors. Fishing can be great fun until you can’t find your lures in the dark. UV flashlight will help you find lures without destroying your night vision. These lights can also be used in finding fluorescent minerals, scorpion hunting, and strangely enough in disc golf.

Wavelength – Go For 365nm

Ultraviolet light wavelengths range from 10nm to 400nm, which is shorter than visible light. The human eye cannot see anything below 385nm as eyes lack the color receptors needed to see UV rays. Not being able to see UV rays makes UV lights a necessity. When selecting a UV light you need to consider the wavelength, as different things glow under different wavelengths. To get the most out of your UV light you will want to find one that offers a shorter wavelength. The shorter the wavelength offered the better items will fluoresce under the light.

Best UV Flashlights on the Market

Don’t Forget UV400 Glasses:

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses With 3 Interchangeable Lenes for Cycling Running Driving Fishing Golf Baseball Glasses TR002 (Grey Frame&Rainbow Lens)

The Torege UV 400 Polarized Glasses are sports sunglasses designed for all outdoor activities. The glasses come with five different colored shatterproof lenses suited for different environments. Switching out lenses is easy. Everything will snap into place if you start with the middle piece that sits over the nose. The fully adjustable nose piece is padded for extra comfort. The arms, spectacles frame, and sports belt are entirely removable. The glasses come with a carrying case with a molded section to protect the extra lenses when they are not in use.


  • 5 shatterproof adjustable lenses that come in different colors to provide the best protection based on the specific activity
  • 100% UV400 protection to block glare and filter out UV rays
  • Adjustable nose piece to allow for the perfect fit
  • Suitable for outdoor activities


  • Glasses are not a tight fit
  • Glasses are a bit bulky
  • Feel very light and flimsy


  • Lens Colors: Transparent, Blue Reflective, Light Blue, Yellow, Grey (Polarized)
  • Lens Size: 2.95 inches by 1.6 inches
  • Material: Polycarbonate

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Best Small UV Flashlight:

Nitecore Tube UV

Nitecore T Series Tube UV USB Rechargeable UltraViolet Blacklight Keychain Light plus LED Keychain Flashlight

The Nitecore Tube UV provides you with 500mW of power with a 365nm wavelength UV LED. The Nitecore Tube UV is not a very bright light; you will not be able to use it for activities like scorpion hunting. The light is designed more for up close work, such as verifying currency or checking IDs. The polycarbonate housing has been tested to be impact resistant up to about five feet. The Nitecore Tube UV is not the biggest or most powerful UV light on the market, but it is a reasonably priced light that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. This is a great option for a rechargeable UV flashlight that is easy to always have with you.


  • Built-in battery that lasts for 1 hour before needing a recharge
  • Fully recharged in 50 minutes via the USB port
  • Keychain style design with a single switch allows the light to be operated with just one hand
  • Nitecore’s lockout mode prevents accidental activation when the light is not in use
  • Indicator light to alert users to when the battery is charging – light will shut off to indicate it is fully charged


  • Only works up to about 3 feet away
  • USB port cover is flimsy
  • Doesn’t come with a Micro-USB charger


  • Dimensions: 2.22 inches long with a 0.83-inch diameter
  • Weight: 0.34 oz.
  • Runtime: 1 hour
  • UV LED: 500mW power, 365nm wavelength

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Best Budget UV Flashlight:

Nightstick Mini-TAC UV

Nightstick MTU-106 Mini-TAC UV Flashlight with 2 AAA, Black,Small

The Nightstick Mini-TAC UV is the best budget-priced UV light for tactical, outdoor, and recreational activities. The Mini-TAC UV has been safety tested and has been shown to be durable enough for most situation. The light only produces so much illumination, so the darker the area the better. Made and designed in the USA the Mini-TAC UV offers users a water-resistant design and is powered by two AA batteries.


  • Momentary and constant on functions controlled via tail switch
  • Actual UV light with a 365 NM wavelength, it is not just a black light filter
  • Great throw for such a small light. Puts out just the right amount of UV light for up close work


  • Tail switch is a little on the sensitive side
  • Hard to hold onto
  • Only works up close


  • Dimensions: 5.5 inches long with a 0.5-inch diameter
  • Weight: 0.8 oz.
  • Runtime: 0.75 hours
  • UV LED: 365 NM wavelength

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Best UV Flashlight:

Nitecore CU6

Nitecore CU6 Chameleon Series Primary UV Flashlight (Dual Mode, 440-Lumens)

If you are looking for a high-quality UV light that does it all the Nitecore CU6 is our favorite choice. The CU6 can be used for a wide range of activities, such as scorpion hunting, rodent control, and forensics. The CREE XP-G2 LED emits up to 440 lumens of cool white light that also features a strobe and police function. The Nitecore CU6 uses dual side switches to independently control the color LEDs and the white light. Using two CR123A batteries the light will run up to 400 hours at 1 lumen or 1 hour and 45 minutes at 440 lumens.


  • Light comes with two main LEDs and three secondary LEDs. Two main LEDs are UV and white light, secondary LEDs are red, green, and blue
  • UV light has a 365 wavelength and emits 1.1 lumens of light
  • Modes and brightness levels are accessed via the dual side switches and tail cap switch
  • White light provides 5 brightness levels, as well as a strobe and police function
  • U-shaped tail cap prevents accidental activation
  • Features a locator beacon flash, SOS, and Strobe mode that is not found on other UV lights


  • No micro-USB charging port
  • Secondary LEDs are on same toggle switch as UV LED
  • UV and white light cannot be used together


  • Dimensions: 5.63 inches long with a 1.57-inch diameter
  • Weight: 4.87 oz. without battery
  • Runtime: 400 hours on the lowest mode
  • UV LED: 3000mW; 365nm

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Best UV Flashlight Final Thoughts

Even if your line of work doesn’t require it, at some point in time we all find an ultraviolet light to be quite useful. If you want the best UV flashlight you want one made from high-quality materials with a wavelength of 365 NM and plenty of power. We have provided you with the details for several different black light flashlights. XQ-HD UV 400 Polarized Glasses, Nitecore Tube UV, and Nightstick Mini-TAC UV are excellent options and meet all of the requirements for a UV flashlight. These lights and glasses will give you everything that you need, Nitecore CU6 offers all of that and more like the two main LEDS that provide UV light and 5 brightness levels of ordinary white light. We have given you all of the information that you need to go out and purchase the best UV flashlight, so what are you waiting for, go out and purchase one today!

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