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Tactical Gear Comparison Guides

Your comprehensive guide to finding the best tactical flashlight.  LED flashlights have taken over the tactical flashlight market.  Our goal here at best tactical flashlights is to help you in your decision making process. On this page you will find multiple tactical comparison guides. We will try and keep the information in all of the tables as up to date as possible. If you know that something is out of date please let us know by emailing us.

Tactical Flashlight Comparison Guide

FlashlightMax LumensLow LumensBattery Life (Max)Battery Life (Low)BatteryLED BulbLengthBezel Dia.WeightPriceRatingKeychainStrobeWeapon Mount
Olight i3S EOS

800.50.6 hr.60 hr.AAAXP-G22.76 In.0.55 In.0.39 Oz.$4.7YYN
Fenix PD22

21032 hr.120 hr.CR123AXP-G23.5 In.0.84 In.1.55 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9YYN
Nitecore SENS AA

12062 hr.60 hr.AAXP-G3.2 In.0.78 In.0.92 Oz. w/o Bat.$4YNN
Klarus MiX6 Ti

8531.2 hr.5.7 hr.AAAXP-G2.81 In.0.5 In.0.42 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.5YNN
Klarus P1A

150111.5 hr.28 hr.AAXP-G R54.13 In.0.9 In.2 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.7YNN
Klarus Mi10

8021.15 hr.66 hr.AAAXP-E R22.81 In.0.5 In.0.74 Oz. w/o Bat.$$*YNN
Streamlight Microstream

28N/A2.25 hr.N/AAAAC43.5 In.0.6 In.1.04 Oz.$4.6YNN
Streamlight Nano Light

10N/A8 hr.N/AButton Cell*1.47 In.0.51 In.0.36 Oz.$4.3YNN
Photon Freedom Micro LED

4.5N/A12 hr.N/AButton Cell*1.57 In.0.95 In.0.29 Oz.$4.4YNN
Nitecore T5s

652.51.5 hr.28 hr.AAAXP-G2.87 In0.49 In.0.39 Oz. w/o Bat.$*YNN
Fenix LD01

7231.5 hr.27 hr.AAAXP-E R43 In.0.55 In.0.5 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5YNN
FourSevens Preon P2

19221 hr.23 hr.AAAXP-G25.05 In.0.6 In.0.8 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.4YYN
FourSevens Preon P1

8421 hr.23 hr.AAAXP-G22.95 In.0.6 In.0.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5YYN
FourSevens Mini ML-X

2521.41 hr.100 hr.CR123AXM-L22.3 In.0.8 In.0.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.2YYN
FourSevens Mini ML

21641.2 hr.150 hr.CR123AXP-G22.3 In.0.8 In.0.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.6YYN
FourSevens Mini MA

1083.21.3 hr.60 hr.AAXP-G23 In.0.7 In.0.7 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.9YYN
FourSevens Atom AL

11063.5 hr.40 hr.CR123AXP-G21.84 In.0.77 In.1.03 Oz.$4YNN
Fenix LD12

12532.3 hr.100 hr.AAXP-G24.13 In.0.85 In1.9 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.6NYN
Fenix TK15 S2

40062 hr.171 hr.CR123AXP-G5.7 In.1.33 In.4.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.8NYN
Fenix E21

170542.25 hr.11 hr.AAXP-E6.4 In.1 In.3.17 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.8NNN
Streamlight TLR-1

300N/A2.5 hr.N/ACR123AC43.39 In.1.47 In.4.18 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.8NNY
Fenix UC40 Ultimate

960101.5 hr.150 hr.RechargeableXM-L25.78 In.1 In.5.07 Oz. with Bat.$$$4NYN
Olight M20SX-L2 Warrior

550101.3 hr.85 hr.CR123AXM-L25.5 In.1.4 In.4.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
Olight M18 Maverick

50052 hr.120 hr.CR123AXM-L25 In.0.9 In.2.2 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NYN
Olight M22 Warrior

950201 hr.30 hr.CR123AXM-L25.7 In.1.61 In.5.15 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.7NYN
Olight S80 Baton

750102 hr.80 hr.RechargeableXM-L6.06 In.1.56 In.9.77 Oz. with Bat.$$$4NYN
Olight S20-L2 Baton

5500.52 hr.600 hr.CR123AXM-L24.2 In.0.9 In.1.83 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
Olight S15 Baton

2800.50.75 hr.360 hr.AAXM-L23.4 In.0.9 In.1.62 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
Olight S10-L2

4000.51.25 hr.360 hr.CR123AXM-L22.75 In.0.9 In.1.48 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.4NYN
Olight T20

380102.5 hr.84 hr.CR123AXP-G24.84 In.0.91 In.2.04 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
Olight M10 Maverick

35051.25 hr.108 hr.CR123AXM-L23.7 In.0.9 In.1.92 Oz. w/p Bat.$$4.6NYN
EagleTac PN20a2

127281 hr.6 hr.AAAXP-G25.3 In.0.65 In.1.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NNN
Terralux Lightstar 80
80N/A5 hr.N/AAAA*5.5 In.0.62 In.2.2 Oz. with Bat.$4.5NNN
Streamlight 88031 ProTAC 2L

260133 hr.50 hr.CR123AC44.77 In.0.9 In.2.8 Oz.$$4.7NYN
Streamlight 88033 ProTAC 2AA

155112 hr.36 hr.AAC46.14 In.0.9 In.3.4 Oz.$4.6NYN
Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL

600331.25 hr.18 hr.CR123AC45.4 In.1.37 In.5.6 Oz.$$4.7NYN
Streamlight Stinger Classic LED

3901001.75 hr.6.75 hr.RechargeableC47.65 In.1.60 In.11.1 Oz.$$$4.6NYN
Streamlight Stinger LED

350852 hr.7.25 hr.RechargeableC48.41 In.1.62 In.12.4 Oz.$$$4.6NYN
Streamlight Stylus Pro

48N/A6.25 hr.N/AAAAC45.3 In.0.6 In.1.64 Oz.$4.7NNN
Coast A9R

54N/A3 hr.N/Arechargeable*6.18 In.0.37 In.2.1 Oz. with Bat.$$4.6NNN
Streamlight Strion LED

260652 hr.7.5 hr.RechargeableC45.9 In.1.44 In.5.2 Oz.$$$4.7NYN
Streamlight TLR-3

125N/A1.5 hr.N/ACR2C42.71 In.1.51 In.2.32 Oz.$$4.5NNY
SureFire E2D LED Defender Ultra

50052.25 hr.67.75 hr.CR123AXM-L5.6 In.1.13 In.4.2 Oz.$$$$$4.5NNN
SureFire P2X Fury

500151.5 hr.46 hr.CR123AXM-L5.4 In.1.37 In.5.7 Oz.$$$4.8NNN
SureFire 6PX Tactical

320N/A2.5 hr.N/ACR123A*5.2 In.1.25 In.5.2 Oz.$$4.8NNN
Coast HP7

251585.75 hr.10 hr.AAA*5.58 In.1.49 In.7.2 Oz.$$4.7NNN
SureFire LX2 LumaMax

200152 hr.47 hr.CR123A*5.4 In.1 In.4.2 Oz.$$$$4.7NNN
SureFire EB1 Backup

20051.3 hr.40 hr.CR123A*4.4 In.1.1 In.3.3 Oz.$$$$4.8NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00999CBJ6" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Surefire X300 Ultra[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="79" identifier="B00999CBJ6" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41Jm6FQN2HL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
500N/A1.5 hr.N/ACR123A*3.6 In.1.13 In.4 Oz.$$$$$4.8NNY
SureFire X400 Ultra w/Laser

500N/A1.5 hr.N/ACR123A*3.6 In.1.13 In.4.9 Oz.$$$$$5NNY
SureFire R1 Lawman

750151.75 hr.37 hr.Rechargeable*8.1 In.1.62 In.10.2 Oz.$$$$$4.6NYN
SureFire Z2X

320N/A2.5 hr.N/ACR123A*5.2 In.1.25 In.4.8 Oz.$$$4.7NNN
Klarus XT11

820113 hr.73 hrCR123AXM-L25.86 In.1.37 In.4.65 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.2NYN
Coast HP4

95N/A4.25 hr.N/AAAA*5.75 In.0.6 In.2.2 Oz. with Bat.$4.7NNN
Klarus XT10

470102.3 hr.300 hr.CR123AXM-L5.63 In.1.37 In.4.16 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.2NYN
Klarus ST11

900152.3 hr.100 hr.18650XM-L25.55 In.1.41 In.5.15 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.6NYN
Pelican 1920

120N/A2.75 hr.N/AAAA*5.5 In.*1.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5NNN
Klarus RS11

620102.2 hr.215 hr.CR123AXM-L6.29 In.1.41 In.5.5 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.2NYN
Klarus RS1A

21071.1 hr.68 hr.RechargeableXP-G24.6 In.1.04 In.3.17 Oz. w/o Bat.$$*NYN
Klarus ST2C

820172.2 hr.100 hr.CR123AXM-L25.23 In.1.1 In.2.78 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
5.11 ATAC PLx

69*3 hr.*AAAXP-E5 In.0.7 In.2.2 Oz. with Bat.$4.5NYN
Klarus XT1A

15041 hr.50 hr.AAXP-G4.56 In.0.94 In.1.86 Oz. w/o Bat$$4.7NYN
Nitecore MH2C

800392 hr.28 hr.RechargeableXM-L U25.9 In.1 In.3.17 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
Nitecore MT1A

14051.5 hr.60 hr.AAXP-G4.1 In.0.92 In.1.94 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.1NYN
Nitecore P12

95011.25 hr.520 hr.18650XM-L25.47 In.1 In.3.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
Nitecore SRT7

9600.11.75 hr.200 hr.18650XM-L26.22 In.1.57 In.6.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.6NYN
Nitecore SRT3

3300.11.25 hr.200 hr.CR123AXM-L23.9 In.1 In.2.57 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.4NYN
Streamlight Stylus

11N/A24 hr.N/AAAAA*6.21 In.0.37 In.1.1 Oz.$4.5NNN
Brite-Strike EPLI

160800.5 hr.6 hr.AAA*5.125 In.**$$4.6NYN
Nitecore MT26

800252 hr.45 hr.18650XM-L5.87 In.1.34 In.4.7 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NYN
Nitecore MH1A

55070.75 hr.23 hr.RechargeableXM-L5 In.1 In.1.62 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.2NYN
Nitecore SRT5

7500.11.75 hr.450 hr.18650XM-L25.35 In.1 In.2.72 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.6NYN
Foursevens Preon Penlight

18050.4 hr.30 hr.AAAXP-G25.3 In.0.5 In.0.79 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NNN
Viridian C5L

100N/A1 hr.N/ACR2*1.9 In.1.46 In.2.34 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$4.2NYY
SureFire G2X Pro

320152.5 hr.45 hr.CR123A*5.2 In.1.25 In.4.4 Oz.$$4.5NNN
FourSevens Quark Tactical QT2L

2760.22 hr.720 hr.CR123AXP-G24.5 In.0.86 In.1.8 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.4NYN
Nebo Protec Elite HP190

190N/A3 hr.N/ACR123AQ53.37 In.2.25 In.3.2 Oz. with Bat.$4.1NYY
Crimson Trace Lightguard

100N/A2 hr.N/ACR2*Sizes VarySizes VarySizes Vary$$$$4.2NNY
Insight WL1-AA Laser

150N/A1.5 hr.N/AAA*3.6 In.1.44 In.3.4 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$4.8NYY
Insight X2L

40N/A0.5 hr.N/ACR2*2.4 In.1.6 In.1.7 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$3.6NNY
FourSevens Mini M2A

2163.62 hr.88 hr.AAXP-G25 In.0.7 In.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
FourSevens Quark Tactical QTA

1300.21.2 hr.230 hr.AAXP-G23.8 In.0.86 In.1.8 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NYN
FourSevens Quark Tactical QT2L-X

7800.51.9 hr.600 hr.CR123AXM-L24.5 In.0.86 In.1.8 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.1NYN
Inforce APL

200N/A1.5 hr.N/ACR123A*3 In.1.2 In.2.83 Oz. with Bat.$$$$4.9NNY
Streamlight TLR-4

125N/A1.5 hr.N/ACR2C42.73 In.1.99 In.2.81 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.6NNY
Fenix LD22

21532.5 hr.150 hr.AAXP-G26.1 In.0.84 In.2.11 Oz.$$4.4NYN
Fenix PD32

34052.5 hr.245 hr.CR123AXP-G25 In.0.94 In.2.29 Oz.$$4.5NYN
Fenix TK35

860151.6 hr.130 hr.CR123AXM-L6.45 In.2.02 In.9.7 Oz.$$$4.6NYN
Fenix PD35

850101.25 hr.140 hr.CR123AXM-L25.47 In.1 In.3.07 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.8NYN
Streamlight TLR-2

300N/A2.5 hr.N/ACR123AC43.39 In.1.83 In.4.72 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$4.5NNY
Coast HP6

170345 hr.45.25 hr.AA*6.62 In.0.8 In.4.6 Oz.$4.7NNN
Sunwayman F40A

Turbo: 880
1.6 hr.450 hr.4 x AAXM-L24.25 In.1.61 In.6.38 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$N/ANYN
Sunwayman D40A

Turbo: 980
301.7 hr.31 hr.4 x AAXM-L24.74 In.1.65 In.5.83 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.6NYN
Fenix Ld02

10080.5 hr.15 hr.AAAXP-E22.99 In.0.59 In.0.56 Oz. w/o Bat.$N/AYNN
Fenix E05

8580.75 hr.15 hr.AAAXP-E22.61 In.0.59 In.0.44 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5YNN
Fenix E05 Stainless Steel

8580.75 hr.15 hr.AAAXP-E22.61 In.0.59 In.1.12 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.6YNN
Sunwayman M11R

23041 hr.70 hr.CR123AXM-L22.95 In.0.91 In.1.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5YYN
Coast G19

54N/A3.25 hr.N/AAAAN/A4.02 In.0.6 In.1.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5YNN
ThruNite Ti3

1200.040.5 hr.115 hr.AAAXP-G22.75 In.0.55 In.0.42 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.4YYN
Sunwayman R02A

6641.5 hr.16 hr.AAAXP-G22.79 In.0.53 In.0.43 Oz. w/o Bat.$N/AYNN
JETBeam Raptor RRT-0

6500.050.83 hr.100 hr.CR123AXM-L23.93 In.1 In.2.53 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.7NYN
ThruNite® Neutron 2A v2

4800.041.33 hr.792 hr.AAXM-L25.76 In.1 In.2.57 Oz. w/o Bat.$$3NNN
Nitecore MT2A

280152.25 hr.50 hr.2 x AAXP-G6.1 In.0.92 In.2.36 Oz. w/o Bat.$3.9NYN
Foursevens Quark Turbo QB2A

2460.21 hr.720 hr.2 x AAXP-G26.2 In.1.2 In.3 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
Nitecore MT21A

260152 hr.50 hr.2 x AAXP-E26.1 In.1 In.2.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.5NYN
EagleTac GX25A3

91591.3 hr.100 hr.3 x AAXM-L24.3 In.1.5 In.5.2 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$3.8NYN
Nitecore EA4 Pioneer

960721.75 hr.22 hr.4 x AAXM-L24.6 In.1.65 In.5.6 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.3NYN

960202 hr.45 hr.4 x AAXM-L24.92 In.1.89 In.8.64 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.9NYN
JETBeam BC10

270301.25 hr.18 hr.CR123AXP-G3.54 In.0.9 In.1.65 Oz. w/o Bat.$4.6YNN
Nitecore EC1

24051.33 hr.70 hr.CR123AXP-G22.56 In.1 In.1.5 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.3NYN
Olight M22 Warrior

950201 hr.30 hr.2 x CR123AXM-L25.7 In.1.61 In.5.15 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.6NYN
Armytek Predator Pro V2.5

67061.33 hr.155 hr.2 x CR123AXP-G26.1 In.1.55 In.5.8 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$3.5NYN
Olight M3X Triton

12003001.33 hr.5hr.3 x CR123AXM-L28.3 In.2.48 In.9.38 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.8NYN
JETBeam BC40

8301301.5 hr.11 hr.4 x CR123AXM-L8.78 In.1.89 In.8 Oz. Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NNN
Armytek Barracuda

1390301.5 hr.60 hr.4 x CR123AXM-L210.43 In.2.51 In.14.03 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$$-NNN
Olight SR52 Intimidator

1200404 hr.40 hr.3 x 18650XM-L26.3 In.2.5 In.14.3 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.9NYN
ThruNite TN32

17020.61.5 hr.19203 x 18650XM-L27.94 In.3.11 In.22.9 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$$$4.9NYN
Olight SR95S-UT

12501503 hr.48 hr.Battery PackSBT-7012.8 In.3.54 In.43.33 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$$$$$4.9NYN
Nitecore TM36

1800501.75 hr67 hr.Battery PackSBT-7010.94 In.3.54 In.47.41 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$$$$$$$$$-NYN
Eagletac MX25L4 Turbo

1585101.5 hr.200 hr.4 x 18650SBT-707.87 In.3.6 In.26.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$$$$$$$-NYN
Eagletac MX25L2 SST90

2210161.3 hr.200 hr.Battery PackSST-9010.5 In.2.4 In.25.7 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$$$-NYN
Spotlight Speck

15-1.5 hr.-Button CellNichia1.1 In.0.36 In.0.29 Oz.$4.9YNN
Olight S10

4000.51.25 hr.360 hr.CR123AXM-L22.75 In.0.9 In.1.48 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5YYN
EagleTac D25C

3170.50.9 hr.150 hr.CR123AXM-L22.9 In.0.78 In.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9YYN
Zebralight SC52

3000.010.9 hr.2160 hr.AAXM-L23.08 In.0.93 In.1.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
Sunwayman V11R

57010.42 hr.35 hr.CR123AXM-L23.3 In.0.9 In.1.72 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.2YNN
Fenix PD35

960141.16 hr.150 hr.2 x CR123AXM-L25.5 In.1 In.3 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.7NYN
EagleTac D25A

1410.51.3 hr.150 hr.AAXM-L23.4 In.0.7 In.0.85 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.8YYN
EagleTac D25C Ti

3170.50.9 hr.150 hr.CR123AXM-L22.9 In.0.78 In.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.6YYN
Zebralight SC52w

2800.010.9 hr.2160 hr.AAXM-L23.08 In.0.93 In.1.4 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.9NYN
Sunwayman V11R Mirage

19011.5 hr.35 hr.CR123AXM-L3.3 In.0.9 In.1.72 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.9YNN
Surefire P2X Fury Defender

500-1.5 hr.-2 x CR123AXM-L5.5 In.1.37 In.5.7 Oz. with Bat.$$$$4.9NNN
Surefire P2X Fury Tactical

500-1.5 hr.-2 x CR123AXM-L5.4 In.1.37 In.5.7 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.8NNN
Surefire P2ZX Fury CombatLight

500-1.5 hr.-2 x CR123AXM-L5.4 In.1.37 In.5.2 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.6NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00BD9OKC6" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="50" identifier="B00BD9OKC6" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/31sb0a92BjNL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
6401701.25 hr.4 hr.Battery PackC48.85 In.1.62 In.12.8 Oz. with Bat. $$$$4.8NYN
Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP

350852 hr.7.25 hr.Battery PackC49.65 In.2.2 In.14 Oz. with Bat.$$$$4.7NYN
EagleTac GX25L2

100271.7 hr.150 hr.2 x 18650XM-L28.8 In.1.5 In.10.1 Oz. with Bat.$$$$4.2NYN
Eagletac SX25L2

104992.7 hr.200 hr.2 x 26650XM-L29.5 In.1.8 In.16.4 Oz. with Bat.$$$$$-NYN
Olight SR96 Intimidator

48004500.83 hr.16 hr.Battery Pack3 x MK-R10.9 In.3.54 In.42.89 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$$$$$$$4.1NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00BD9NG6M" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Streamlight Strion LED HL[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="48" identifier="B00BD9NG6M" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41cu0wPXvYL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
5001251 hr.3.5 hr.Battery PackC45.9 In.1.35 In.5.2 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.6NYN
Nitecore MH25

960441.75 hr.28 hr.18650XM-L26.3 In.1.57 In.5.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.6NYN
NiteCore TM15

2450901 hr.52 hr.4 x 18650XM-L6.22 In.2.36 In.15.77 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$$$$$3.9NYN
Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

80012 hr.840 hr.18650XM-L25.47 In.1.24 In.3.26 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.7NYN
Olight S10R Baton

40000.50.8 hr.168 hr.RCR123AXM-L22.89 In.0.9 In.1.52 Oz. w/o Bat.$$4.5NYN
Streamlight Strion LED HP

275702 hr.7.5 hr.Battery PackC47 In.2.2 In.7.1 Oz. with Bat.$$$4.8NYN
Surefire E2L Outdoorsman

12557.25 hr.67 hr.2 x CR123A-5.5 In.1.125 In.4.1 Oz. w/o Bat.$$$4.6NNN
Fenix HP25

18044.67 hr.206 hr.4 x AAXP-E R43 In.2.19 In.6.47 Oz w/o Bat.$$4.7NNN
Fenix HL22

12031.4 hr.55 hr.AAXP-E R42.44 In.1.55 In.1.57 Oz w/o Bat.$3NNN
Zebralight H52

3002.90.9 hr.96 hr.AAXM-L23 In.0.86 In.1.1 Oz w/o Bat.$$4.8NYN
Surefire 6PX Tactical

320-2.5 hr.-2 x CR123A-5.20 In.1.25 In.5.2 Oz with Bat.$$4.8NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00NJAMOKC" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Zebralight SC62[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00NJAMOKC" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41LAMM728L.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
10003.72 hr.384 hr.18650XM-L23.8 In.0.96 In.1.4 Oz$$$5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00IEWOCP0" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]ThruNite TN12[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00IEWOCP0" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41qfx5UGGL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
10500.31.5 hr.1585 hr.18650XM-L2 U25.63 In.1 In.2.89 Oz w/o Bat.$$4.6NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B009OY2GHS" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]EagleTac G25C2 MK II[/easyazon_link][easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B009OY2GHS" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/415cc5i71L.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="88"]118081 hr.100 hr.18650XM-L2 U25.9 In.1 In.4.8 Oz$$$4.4NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00QJO8MSI" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Olight M2X-UT Javelot[/easyazon_link][easyazon_image align="none" height="67" identifier="B00QJO8MSI" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41RBQPfDN3L.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]1020201 hr.30 hr.18650XM-L26.4 In.2.5 In.7.7 Oz w/o Bat.$$$4.5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00REF6HK6" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]ThruNite MINI TN30[/easyazon_link][easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00REF6HK6" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/51O8BXxEIJL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]32000.43.9 hr.2352 hr.4 x 18650XM-L24.95 In.2.52 In.13.56 Oz w/o Bat.$$$5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00KPEN5UI" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Niwalker Nova MM15[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="78" identifier="B00KPEN5UI" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41Df7gGmtaL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
523363 hr.100 hr.4 x 18650MT-G2 P04.49 In.2.52 In.11.75 Oz w/o Bat.$$$$$$4.8NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B005OLNDNG" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]EagleTac P20A2 MKII[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="64" identifier="B005OLNDNG" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41nUKLnXDjL.SL1101.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
453101.08 hr.100 hr.AAXL-L26.3 In.1 In.3.2 Oz w/o bat.$$4.4NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00GCHOYKC" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Petzl Tactikka + RGB[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00GCHOYKC" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41X8je7RjrL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
20051.5 hr.100 hr.3 x AAA---3 Oz with bat.$$4.6NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00LBGLT7K" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Fenix TK32[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="69" identifier="B00LBGLT7K" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41xxEAm02uL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
900101.5 hr.150 hr.2 x CR123AXM-L26.26 In.2.03 In.6.03 Oz w/o bat.$$$4.4NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B0053H1842" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]LED Lenser H72[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="77" identifier="B0053H1842" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41T8KS2BoL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
250205 hr.30 hr.4 x AAA--1.10 In.6.1 Oz with bat.$$4.5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00JT3DE84" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Nitecore CG6 Hunting Kit[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="90" identifier="B00JT3DE84" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/51kOS5aiiCL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
44011.75 hr.400 hr.2 x CR123AXP-G25.63 In.1.57 In.4.87 Oz w/o bat.$$$$5NNY
[easyazon_link identifier="B00EOAWUAA" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Olight M20S-H3S[/easyazon_link]
[easyazon_image align="none" height="78" identifier="B00EOAWUAA" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/51StYfvzeXL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
550101.3 hr.85 pm2 x CR123AXM-L25.5 In.1.39 In.4.3 Oz w/o bat.$$4.3NYY
[easyazon_link identifier="B00KB2RCMQ" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Olight M18 Striker[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="105" identifier="B00KB2RCMQ" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/51MXIx6IahL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
8001501.8 hr.8 hr.18650XM-L25.2 In.0.9 In.2.0 Oz w/o bat.$$3.8NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00JM6V9T4" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Surefire E1D Defender[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="79" identifier="B00JM6V9T4" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/417Mh2BPkOrL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
30051.3 hr.47 hr.CR123AE1DL4.25 In.1.125 In.3.1 Oz$$$$$4.9NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B0085RYPJ2" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]QuiqLite X Rechargeable[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B0085RYPJ2" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/41en4g3BBwL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
75205 hr.40 hr.CR2032Q-XRW---$4.9NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00915NW64" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Foursevens QB2A Turbo[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00915NW64" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/315SwmYGuML.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="77"]
2460.21 hr.720 hr.2 x AAXP-G26.2 In.1.18 In.3.6 Oz$$5YYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00NEUE1PI" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Nightstick Full-Size Xtreme Lumens NSR-9744XL[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00NEUE1PI" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/31sTGQHo2BML.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
6501004.25 hr.25.5 hr.Battery Pack-11.8 In.1.6 In.17.5 Oz$$$$$5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00B3HULTE" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Eagletac GX25L2 Turbo[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00B3HULTE" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/416HOciWiUL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
122081.7 hr.150+ hr.4 x CR123ACREE XM-L2 U29.7 In.2.5 In.14.6 Oz$$$$4.2NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00I8B7P1A" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Elzetta Bravo 2-cell[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="90" identifier="B00I8B7P1A" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/310LlRS8toL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
650151.3 hr.60 hr.2 x CR123A-5.6 In.Crenellated6.3 Oz$$$$$$4.3NNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00I14HLLS" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Fenix E12[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00I14HLLS" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/31W2ByVwQMML.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
13081.5 hr.40 hr.1 x AAXP-E23.54 In.0.75 In.1 Oz w/o bat.$4.6YNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00NXF74LW" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Nitecore MT1C[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="99" identifier="B00NXF74LW" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/51JtX1VkoaL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
280201.25 hr.23 hr.1 x CR123XP-G R53.46 In.0.89 In.1.48 Oz w/o bat.$4.4YYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00MOE6VOO" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]ThruNite Neutron 2A v2[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00MOE6VOO" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/41X9EopqWxL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
7300.043.53 hr.600 hr.2 x AAXM-L2 U25.79 In.1 In.2. 58 Oz w/o bat.$$2.5YNN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00OLICS8Y" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Olight S15R[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00OLICS8Y" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/51rPucH2BIyL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
2800.50.75 hr.360 hr.1 x AAXM-L23.60 In.0.9 In.1.52 Oz w/o bat.$$4.6YYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00CQBCXYM" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]EagleTac D25LC2[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="41" identifier="B00CQBCXYM" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/41mziPAtkwL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
85071 hr.100+ hr.2 x CR123AXM-L2 U24.5 In.0.9 In.1.7 Oz$$4.5NYN
[easyazon_link identifier="B00OY9TGS0" locale="US" tag="besttactiflas-20"]Nitecore Tube[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_image align="none" height="94" identifier="B00OY9TGS0" locale="US" src="http://besttacticalflashlights.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/51rzpBJZeKL.SL110.jpg" tag="besttactiflas-20" width="110"]
4511 hr.48 hr.RechargeableLED2.22 In.0.83 In.0.34 Oz with bat.$4.8YNN
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