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What Is A Cree Flashlight?

You may be hearing lots of things about Cree Flashlights, definitely, if you have been looking for the greatest LED light then the name Cree has come up.  So what is a Cree Flashlight?

There are many producers of LED’s (Light Emitting Diode). But if you want the best you should go with a Cree LED flashlight. Cree is the top producer of LED in the world, they are constantly pushing the limits of what can be done with a LED. The top flashlight manufacturers mostly use Cree LED’s.

Cree is an American company based in Durham, North Carolina. Many companies promote their flashlights as Cree LED flashlights but Cree is only the producer of the LED not the flashlight itself. There are some Cree tactical flashlights on the market that are using the popularity of the Cree name and promoting it as their brand.  Cree makes many different models of LED’s that range in lumens and in color.  Cree also classifies the different tints of white LED’s and they follow the ANSI White standard.

So what is the best Cree tactical flashlight?

Since all of the top tactical flashlight manufacturers use Cree LED’s looking at Cree flashlight reviews is not much different than looking at any tactical flashlight reviews. So, below are 2 of our top flashlights that use Cree bulbs.


Fenix TK35 - Cree FlashlightFenix TK35

This is a fantastic light. It is small and super bright (900 lumens) due to its Cree XM-L bulbs. We also have a full review of the Fenix TK35 in the reviews section.


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Streamlight ProTac 2L - Cree FlashlightStreamlight ProTac 2L

This light is super small (4.8 inches) and very bright for its size. Streamlight promotes their light source as “C4” technology which is a Streamlight name but, they use Cree LED’s almost exclusively. You can also find a full review on the Streamlight Protac 2L in our reviews section.


Click here for Reviews, Ratings and Pricing from Amazon.com