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Other Gear

As you can see we really focus on flashlights around here. But, in our ramblings around using our flashlights we get caught up in all kinds of other adventures. You know you got to go to the ends of the earth to test some of these lights. In the meantime we end up collecting and researching lots of other gear. It really is great that flashlights can fit into tactical gear, EDC, any kind of outdoors, even survival, and diving to name just a few.

This is where we plan to keep some of the other buyer’s guide we come up with while testing out other gear on our adventures. We hope that this can be of use to you.

Best Tactical Gear

Best EDC Gear (Everyday Carry)

Best Outdoor Gear

Best Travel & Adventure Gear

Best Survival & Prepping Gear

Best Hunting & Shooting Gear

As we fill in this section of our site we hope it becomes of value to you. Since you are a flashaholic and so are we maybe some of our other interests overlap.

Thanks for visiting besttacticalflashlights.net we hope that you found something useful. If you are interested in looking for a flashlight feel free to check out our flashlight reviews section or our large collection of flashlight buyer’s guides, you are sure to find what you are looking for.