Fenix Flashlights

 Fenix Flashlights

History of Fenix Flashlights

Fenix flashlights entered the U.S. market in 2004.  Their focus is to be the best outdoor sports lighting brand in the world.  They are a China based company that focuses on research and development in LED flashlights.  In a very short period Fenix set themselves as one of the top flashlights in the marketplace.

FenixLight Limited was start out of the dissatisfaction of flashlights that were available.  A group of professional engineers organized together and started FenixLight Limited.  Fenix produces all of it’s flashlights in a company-owned facility with a very close attention to detail, they do not subcontract.  With this strict attention to detail they have built an amazing reputation in a very short time.

Fenix focuses on delivering what they promise.  They are very strict about their lumen ratings and product descriptions.  All flashlights are backed up with a limited lifetime guarantee.

In 2005 Fenix put out the L1+ which was praised by many and received many top flashlight awards.  This light was particularly ground breaking since it fulfilled the needs of most flashlight enthusiasts while only taking one AA battery.

In 2006 a new line of products took 4 of the top 10 spots on a popular trusted gear review site.  This solidified them as a new contender in the tactical flashlight industry.  Fenix is constantly pushing the boundaries as they have made partnerships with their local colleges and universities to get fresh ideas constantly.

For the last 10 years Fenix has consistently produced top quality products that receive awards year after year.  Fenix flashlights are currently being sold in over 100 countries and are focused on the fields of outdoor sports, law enforcement, military, and industry.  Some of the best flashlights in the world come from Fenix, they have the awards to prove it.  Everybody should consider Fenix flashlights due to their price and quality.

Fenix Flashlight Reviews

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